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Singapore’s Ultimate LEGO Shopping Guide


Last update: Saturday 10th June 2017

Here you will find a useful collection of resources:

 You can also look at the latest LEGO deals, discounts, sales, and promotions in Singapore page and hopefully unearth a bargain.

A big thank you to the members of the Facebook Group I’m a Singaporean Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) for their input to improve this page.

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Singapore LEGO Store Map

  1. You can filter the 89 stores by 4 types:
    • Department Stores & Major Toy Stores
    • Speciality Toy Stores
    • LEGO Certified Stores
    • LEGO Mono Brand Stores
  2. Click on a store and you will see opening hours, address, and telephone number (provided they listed this information on their website)
  3. You can open the map in a new tab on your browser by clicking on the rectangle icon at the top right corner of the map

  1. Almost 1/2 of all stores selling LEGO can be found in just 10 malls
  2. With 4 stores each, NEX, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, and VivoCity are the LEGO hotspots
  3. The most isolated store is BHG @ Lot 1 Shoppers Mall, which is almost 7km away from the next closest LEGO store


Singapore LEGO Sellers Directory

There are four types of sellers:

  1. Department Stores & Major Toy Stores
  2. LEGO Certified Stores & Mono LEGO Brand Stores
  3. Speciality Toy Stores
  4. Independent Online Sellers


Department Stores & Major Toy Stores

The good thing about these stores is that they are typically well stocked and always have the most recent sets.

The trick about these stores is timing. You want to buy when they have put selected sets on a major discount.

Toys "R" Us April 2017 Promotion - Lego Star Wars

For example in April 2017, Toys “R” Us put Clone Turbo Tank (75151) on a major discount of $70.00 for a limited period (poster on the left). That’s a huge savings!

I’ve also come across an article by Marcus Goh stating both Metro and OG have periodic 20% discounts.

Still the challenge is you can’t anticipate when these promotions happen or even which sets will be discounted. But there are some ways to make sure you don’t miss out:

1. Visit my LEGO deals, discounts, sales, and promotions in Singapore page. It is updated on a weekly basis.

2. Join the Facebook Group I’m a Singaporean Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL). Some members do post photos when they come across a promotion.

3. Use an online sales aggregator like Everyday on Sales, Here Got Sale!, SingPromos, and Why Not Deals. Here Got Sale! even has a specific LEGO tag, making it really easy to find those promotions as they are happening.

Being a LEGO fan can be an expensive hobby and rushing off to buy the latest sets can be a very tempting and thrilling experience. But hopefully you can now get those recent sets and for a bargain too. Here is list of places you can consider shopping at:


LEGO Certified Stores & LEGO Mono Brand Stores

There are really two key differences between a certified store and a mono brand store.

Pick-a-Brick Wall
Credit: Straits Times, Dios Vincoy Jr

1. Certified stores are actually designed by the LEGO Group (though operated by someone else). But regardless of where in the world you go, a certified store will look and feel the same. So you will always find features like the Pick-a-Brick Wall (left) in all LEGO Certified Stores.

2. Certified stores in Singapore also receive LEGO exclusive sets the same time as Europe and the US. Including the recent Beatles Yellow Submarine (21306). But to be fair, LEGO mono brand stores still get these sets just not as early.

A store’s membership or loyalty card should be your top consideration because over time that can mean big savings.

Most of the stores listed below have one, but the subscription and benefits vary.

If you are a serious collector, then the mono brand stores may carry out-of-production sets. These tend to be on consignment so getting it at the best price is tricky. However, you get to personally inspect the quality of the box which is a huge plus point.

Like the department stores and major toy stores, the certified and mono brand stores will have promotions and discounts. The best way I find to keep track of these is either to sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media. Here is list of places you can consider shopping at:


Speciality Toy Stores

If on your toy excursion there is more than just LEGO on your mind, then a speciality toy store might just do the trick.

Their range and availability vary quite a bit, but there are always some hidden gems out there.

Check out the online stores periodically for some great discounts, especially once stocks on sets get low and they just want to clear their inventory.

If collecting minifigs is your thing, I would recommend Toy Outpost. Sellers essentially rent out display cases and you can find a steady supply of loose minifigs from across LEGO themes. Take note though, the availability of LEGO at outlets varies, but I’d say you have about a 50% chance of finding something. It really depends on how long sellers rent the display cases, and in some instances they just move their business entirely online (more on that in the next section).

Republic Tank (75182) promoOne store I would like to highlight is Mama’s Brick and Toys by Jessica. Located at Holland Village, it is actually one corner of an art and craft store. But don’t let size fool you. This is a great place for serious collectors looking for out-of-production sets. If you are want something specific, drop them a message on their Facebook page and they typically respond within the day. They also have some good offers. The offer on the Republic Fighter Tank (75182) would help you save $15.00! That’s pretty good for a newly released set.

So while these stores may not come to mind at first, don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. Here is list of places you can consider shopping at:


Independent Online Sellers

As sets get older, prices tend to inflate as supply begins to dry up.

So this is where serious collectors go. Independent online sellers will consistently give you the best prices for older and out-of-production sets.

You might be surprised by the number of individuals selling sets online, but there are quite a few. Some are clearing space, while others bought sets overseas and are reselling them in Singapore. The one big advantage these sellers have are no overheads! In my experience, without rental, salaries, or commissions to pay these sellers consistently beat the other options on price.

In some cases sellers may choose to focus on particular areas of LEGO. For example, Ministry of Bricks is all about custom minifigs.

I have found most sellers to be trustworthy and reliable. But beware, I have read about horror stories.

As a rule I do not buy and ship in from overseas. Some LEGO boxes are quite large and it is very difficult to pack them to prevent damage during shipping. I have learnt this the hard way with a lot of heartache. However if you really want a set from overseas and know exactly where to buy it, try Airfrov. I’ve written a piece on them: Airfrov – a new way for LEGO to fly.

Ultimate Collector's Series Snowspeeder 75144When searching online all you need is to put ‘LEGO’ and then the model number in the search bar. It is critical you use the model number to avoid having old and new releases of the same set mixed up, which is a real issue for Star Wars sets. For example, if you were looking for the new Ultimate Collector Series Snowspeeder (75144), just search ‘LEGO 75144’.

Incidentally, I had been looking for this set recently. Retail price is $399.90 but I found it on Shopee by seller Tansh for $359.90. On Carousell some sets are going as low as $320.00.

So if you are patient and look across each website you can find massive savings. Here is list of places you can consider shopping at:

Thank you for reading Singapore’s Ultimate LEGO Guide! I hope you enjoyed and found it useful. If you have any feedback, drop me an email or leave a comment below. May the Force be with you!