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Rogue One MOC: Jedha – Ambush at Tythoni Square


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is one of my favourite movies from the franchise. It answered that all important question of how the Galactic Empire could miss a critical design flaw in the Death Star.

The movie also introduced a new (although short-lived) range of characters, which in the span of just one movie, I grew quite fond of. Everything then culminates into a tension-filled final act that directly leads into the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Will We See More Rogue One Sets?

The 9 LEGO sets from Rogue One were impressive and featured quite a number of vehicles. But I think the movie had plenty of action scenes that could have made fun sets. So far we’ve only had Battle on Scarif (75171).

The ambush of Imperial forces at Tythoni Square, in Jedha City, is my top candidate to become a LEGO set. Here is little refresher of that scene.

Although with the increasing frequency at which Disney plans to release new Star Wars movies and animated series, Rogue One LEGO sets might struggle to find room for a another run.

Thankfully the active community of MOC (My Own Creation) builders keeps delighting our imaginations with the possibilities that remain unrealized.

Jedha – Ambush at Tythoni Square MOC

At Comic Con Germany 2017, MOC builder Michael Diermann (a.k.a. Boba 1980) showcased his creation inspired by the sequence from the Jedha City ambush at Tythoni Square. It is highly detailed and even features some Easter eggs. 

Starting with a Tythoni Square MicroFighter Scale MOC

Prior to the final “Ambush at Tythoni Square” MOC design, Michael had actually done a test version. This MicroFighter scale design was his entry for a MOC Olympics contest at his local LEGO User Group (LUG): Imperium Der Steine.

Road to Ambush at Tythoni Square

To make it by 28th June 2017 for Comic Con Germany, Michael began collecting the necessary parts at the end of 2016. By March 2017, he had built the MicroFighter scale version.

From April onwards he was building out the final design, starting with the arch of the square, which you can see at the rear, and the AT-ST. Unfortunately the AT-ST Walker (75153) proved too big. So after some research Michael had found a version from fellow MOC builder Brickwright, these are the instructions.

Upon completion the “Jedha – Ambush at Tythoni Square” MOC contained 53 minifigures and up to 15,000 LEGO pieces. Now that’s some serious work!

"Jedha - Ambush at Tythoni Square" at Comic Con Germany
Michael Diermann (a.k.a Boba-1980) at Comic Con Germany

Follow Michael’s work:

I hope you enjoyed this feature. If you have any feedback, drop me an email or comment below. May the Force be with you!



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