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Airfrov – LEGO Delivery!

LEGO detention block rescue

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I’m just going to open by saying that I loved my first experience with Airfrov.

So much in fact that I have already put up another request this evening!

Here is a quick summary of my experience:

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface for submitting a request
  • Same day offer was made to deliver my request
  • Well designed mobile app for on-the-go usage
  • Conveniently located collection centre
  • Polite staff

In last weeks post, Airfrov – A New Way for LEGO to Fly, I made the commitment to give Airfrov a try and wanted to post a request for Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 LEGO Exclusive Detention Block Rescue (CELEB2017-1). So I went online to find a seller on eBay. As with many of these convention exclusive sets there were plenty of willing sellers. I selected one located in New Jersey, who also happened to be offering the lowest price.

eBay Seller

Putting up the request was simple and within 5 minutes it was up waiting for a willing traveller to pick it up.

One concern I had was the fact that the traveller would have to buy it off eBay and get it delivered to them before bringing it back to Singapore. But on May 26th I sat back and waited. As it happened I didn’t have to wait long, on the day the request went up I got an offer to fulfil it. No haggling on price just a quick exchange of messages, I locked in my deposit and the deal was on!

Airfrov Posting

A few days pass and I get a message saying that the package had arrived on time in the USA. On that same day the traveller confirmed that the package would be dropped off at the Airfrov collection centre on June 6th.

June 8th arrived and I got the app notification (yes they have an app for iOS and Android) that the package was ready for collection.

Airfrov package deposit notice

The collection centre itself is located at 36 Purvis St, #02-15, Singapore 188613. About 10 minutes walk from City Hall MRT. Both the building and collection point are nondescript. Full compliments to the staff as they were attentive and polite in the 5 minutes it took me to give them the order number and receive my package.

Airfrov Collection Centre

I was really impressed by how much care was put into the wrapping of the LEGO Set. Bubblewrap surrounded the box with about 2 layers of protection, then the box was inside a LEGOLAND plastic bag. The box was in perfect condition. Now of course it is arguable whether I overpaid for this set, but I’m taking it as a collectable. One of the rare few sets I won’t open up to build and the detention escape scene is one of the most memorable in all the Star Wars movies.

LEGO Set Wrapping

So there we have it. A Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 LEGO Exclusive Detention Block Rescue (CELEB2017-1) mint in the box set thanks to Airfrov. So I guess this means now I need to find myself a display case…

LEGO detention block rescue

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any feedback, drop me an email or leave a comment below. May the Force be with you!

*Note: I have blanked out the user names within the images. 



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