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Airfrov – A New Way for LEGO to Fly


Getting your LEGO sets from overseas has several attractions. From savings to getting ahold of those elusive overseas exclusive sets. Like I’m sure many have done, I try to make buying LEGO part of any trip overseas and leave some luggage space or bring extra luggage along.

Box Damage: The Number 1 Problem With Overseas Shipping

I had previously made a few purchases online from sellers overseas. But there was one recurring problem: box damage during shipping. I pretty much gave up on this option when one of my AT-AT sets arrived from Germany and was pretty destroyed.

AT-AT (8129) Damaged Box
AT-AT (8129) Damaged Box

Of course there are some sellers that take great care with packaging, but I’ve found it’s a hassle neither buyer nor seller want to worry about. There just isn’t a good substitute for the safety of a luggage case.

What is Airfrov?

However, there is now an option that may interest many LEGO fans in Singapore: AIRFROV. This is a Singapore-based start-up that connects shoppers with the growing number of travellers. The platform lets you post up an order and travellers take them up and bring home your favourite brands and products. This is all done in 4 simple steps:

Airfrov Step by Step Guide

Access, Price, and Safety All in One

I am genuinely excited about Airfrov. This is the main point:

Availability of overseas sets + Overseas prices + The safety of a luggage case

So I started to do my homework. As you can see in the Google search trends below, Airfrov doesn’t have the highest amount of search interest. But what that tells me is that this could be a real hidden gem!

Digging Deeper on Airfrov and LEGO

So I reached out to the team at Airfrov to get some additional information by asking three questions via email. The answers below are a combination of their response with some additional research on my end.

  • How many LEGO sets are requested each month?

This really depends on the sets being released during that month. For example, when Disney Castle (71040) was released there were several requests for it. I’ve also noticed that many people are looking for older sets, like the Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (10240).

  • What was the most expensive set that has been transacted?

The most expensive transaction was SGD 870.00 for 2 sets of the LEGO Durham Cathedral model. This was a commissioned limited set piece made by LEGO Certified Professionals Bright Bricks.  

Digging further, Disney Castle (71040) and the Firehouse Headquarters (75827) was also one of the more expensive sets transacted.

  • Are there LEGO specialist travellers?

Airfrov did give me a few users and poking around I think it’s safe to say that there are plenty of enthusiasts but I wouldn’t call anyone a specialist.

So is Airfrov worth using?

To answer this I compared the transactions of the more expensive sets on Airfrov with other retail websites here.

Starting with the Disney Castle (71040). There were 4 completed transactions for this set. The retail price in Singapore is SGD 599.90 and I noted that the best Airfrov price was SGD 530.00. So that was SGD 70.00 savings which is pretty significant. However, I did manage to find sets on Carousell going for as little as SGD 495.00.

Then I looked up the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827). Retail price is also SGD 599.90 with the lowest transacted price on Airfrov being SGD 550.00. Again that’s some decent savings, but on Carousell you can get it for as low as SGD 440.00.

But I think Airfrov has a lot of potential. Why?

Keep in mind that on Airfrov a requestDetention Block Rescue (CELEB2017-1)er sets the price they are willing to pay. So getting a good deal is really about setting a competitive price that travellers will find worthwhile to transact. You will also need to keep in mind that a service fee of 7% + SGD 2.00 also applies.

My gut tells me that Airfrov will really be worth it for either hard to find or exclusive sets that won’t find their way to Singapore. For sets that will be globally available getting the best price versus other retail websites, like Carousell or Shopee, will probably need some luck.

So I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and give Airfrov a shot. I’ve already identified my set as the Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 LEGO Exclusive Detention Block Rescue (CELEB2017-1).

Read about my Airfrov experience: Airfrov – LEGO Delivery!

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any feedback, drop me an email or leave a comment below. May the Force be with you!



  1. Hey Brickbendu, thanks for such an interesting and comprehensive article about Airfrov and other alternatives.

    (I used to be a big lego fan, but no longer have the time to indulge in it)

    I appreciate it and let me know if you need any help in Airfrov!


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