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New Scarif Stormtrooper Polybag – First Thoughts

Scarif Stormtrooper (40176)
Image courtesy of Bricker.ru

I first came across this story on The Brick Fan and it seems like there is a new Scarif Stormtrooper (a.k.a. Shoretrooper / Coastal Defender) minifig. I loved Rogue One and it is one of my favourite Star Wars movies along with The Empire Strikes Back. So naturally I’m excited about getting this one when it becomes available.

Scarif Stormtrooper (40176)
Image courtesy of Instagram user delta.customs

But how different is this new minifig from the ones in the Battle on Scarif (75171) and TIE Striker (75154) sets?

Well to answer that question let’s look at the 3 ranks of Shoretroopers and then compare that with the LEGO minifigs:

Bandai Rogue One Shoretrooper Model Kit
Squad Leader (left), Captain (centre), Regular (right). Click on the image to read about the Bandai model kit!

Here are the key features for each rank from the Wookieepedia entry on Shoretroopers:

  • Regular: Features sand coloured armour, with a red band around their right arm and a white stripe around their left shoulder guard.
  • Squad Leader: Identified by a kama attached to their belt and a blue stripe along the top of their chest plates and onto the top of their shoulder guards, with a white stripe across the left shoulder guard.
  • Captain: Almost all of their chest plate is blue, their left shoulder guard is also blue, save for a white stripe. Further down the same arm, there were stripes of blue and yellow. Their right shoulder guard is sand coloured.

Now let’s look at the Shoretrooper minifigs:

Shoretrooper Minifig Comparison
Squad Leader – 40176 (left), Captain – 75154 (centre), Regular – 75171 (right)

So the new polybag is actually a Shoretrooper Squad Leader, that means you can now build a proper army out of these troopers!

Of course the colouring isn’t accurate, instead of blue they’ve opted for grey, and the Captain should have a satchel bag on his left leg as well. Hopefully we will see those details in future sets. In the meantime I’m looking forward to adding the Squad Leader to my collection.

R3-M2 Toys "R" Us promo poster

This polybag will probably be made available like the R3-M2 (40268): as a LEGOLAND giveaway and as a gift-with-purchase. If you want the R3-M2 there is a Toys “R” Us promotion. Spend $70 and above on regular priced LEGO Star Wars products you will get it, but only while stocks lasts!

I hope you enjoyed my take on this upcoming minifig. If you have any feedback, drop me an email or leave a comment below. May the Force be with you!



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